Days of future past comic pdf

Upon investigating, they encounter a slightly younger version of the team from an alternate timeline. After the present-days of future past comic pdf FF is defeated in battle, an alternate adult version of Franklin reveals himself. Four Freedoms Plaza with his departure. They find him there, but their efforts to reach out to the confused man fail, and he disappears.

6, which was released later and was labelled “Part 3”. Since the Ship is not in his memory of the past, he causes it to vanish. Franklin encounters the woman who was his true love in his own time: Rachel Summers. She is confused, as she witnessed Franklin’s death in the future at the hands of the Sentinels. While the collective heroes protect the adult Franklin from a Sentinel attack, Jean Grey meets Rachel for the first time. Afterward, she flees the area, stung by her parents’ rejection.

They force Ahab to retreat. The adult Franklin returns after the battle. Franklin causes the child to vanish. Cyclops collapses in shock and grief.

5, which was released earlier and was labelled “Part 2”. New Mutants adventure months earlier. After the New Mutants realize the future team was conjured by Franklin, he disappears. Banshee and the Fantastic Four arrive with the present-day Franklin, and the heroes are all attacked by Ahab and his Hounds. Franklin remembers a futuristic Sentinel attack. In response, he lashes out with his power, destroying the Hounds in the present while the present-day Franklin watches.

Horrified at the destructive nature of their powers, the two Franklins work in tandem to block young Franklin’s power, ensuring that it can never be used again. Young Franklin lapses into a coma-like unconsciousness, and adult Franklin disappears. After their last encounter, Rachel and the adult Franklin reunite and rekindle their love for one another. They reappear at Four Freedoms Plaza, stating that they now have a second chance at happiness. Sue Richards bring up the problems with Ahab, baby Nathan, and X-Factor’s Ship, adult Franklin induces in them a euphoric, docile state of mind, allowing him to leave. Young Franklin, still unconscious, grows weaker. Ahab transforms Cyclops and the Invisible Woman into Hounds, and uses them to locate and capture Rachel, the adult Franklin and baby Nathan.

The heroes track down Ahab, who taunts Cable regarding the physical resemblance between the two men. Ahab is defeated, but he flees into the future, leaving Cyclops and the Invisible Woman as Hounds. Rachel’s timeline that Franklin is killed by the Sentinels in the future, Storm reasons that the adult Franklin is actually one of his “dream-selves”, sent into the past at the moment of his death. To sustain himself, he has been subconsciously draining energy from his younger self and Rachel. Realizing that this would eventually kill them both, the adult Franklin releases the energies and allows himself to discorporate. The young Franklin regains consciousness with his latent powers intact, and Rachel uses the Phoenix Force to genetically restore Cyclops and the Invisible Woman to their natural forms.

X-Factor’s Ship reappears in Manhattan. However, the heroes are left with no way of determining if anything they have done will prevent the Sentinel-dominated timeline from coming to pass. However, Rachel still exists in her Hound uniform, leading her to believe that the future is unchanged. Jean reaches out to comfort her, but pulls back at the last moment. Devastated by this, Rachel departs, too upset to hear Jean’s calls for her to come back. Greys after Jean’s supposed death.