Dangerous by kelley armstrong pdf

For the anthology by R. Elena Michaels is the only known female werewolf, but she grows tired of spending her life pursuing rogue werewolves and trying to control her temper and violence. She decides to leave her Pack and live in Toronto as a human, but the Pack leader calls in a favor, which leads Elena to try to help dangerous by kelley armstrong pdf an uprising. Canada, and writes for a popular newspaper.

She struggles to deal with her other-ness and to assimilate to the human world. She also contends with her terrible childhood and with the man who bit her and turned her into a werewolf. Elena has settled into a somewhat normal existence, living with her architect boyfriend and ignoring her wolf side as much as possible. Stonehaven, the country estate of the pack Alpha.

It is in Bear Valley, a fictional city in up-state New York. Elena learns that a local woman was found murdered on Stonehaven’s land, savaged by what authorities thought to be a dog. However, the Pack has determined that she was murdered by a Mutt, a rogue werewolf. They find out he is a recently escaped killer who was recently turned into a werewolf. Clay and Elena chase him into a rave and after several of the partygoers are killed, the wolf is hit by an SUV. The werewolf Pack are the self-appointed governing body of the werewolf world. In an ambush Peter is killed and Jeremy, the Alpha, is seriously wounded.