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The design of many of the body corona in transmission line pdf were cut down from the Master which had ceased production. PT16 van versions were also available. In April 1958 the Corona underwent a light facelift, with a new hood ornament and door handles.

The car also underwent another facelift, including a mesh grille and a new rear seat which allowed seating for five rather than the previous four. Due to the upgrade in dimensions of the Crown, Toyota needed to continue manufacturing a vehicle with similar size dimensions to the first Crown, primarily to be used for taxi usage. It was introduced at a critical time for the company in North America. At the time, there was little market for an off-road vehicle like the Land Cruiser. In March 1961, Toyota introduced a more powerful 1. 5-litre “R” series motor, the same motor from the Crown, and an even larger 1. 9-litre engine was added in 1964.

R series engine more sufficient. Nevertheless, it sold better than the Crown and had a lot less mechanical problems. The Tiara ended up being the only sedan sold by Toyota in the USA until the reworked second-generation Crown appeared. A total of only 318 of these vehicles were sold in the US. Corona except the suspension and the name. 55 series model codes, while 56 was reserved for the five-door hatchback. This allowed the Corona to increase in size and offer more passenger and cargo room over previous generations.