Castlevania symphony of the night guide pdf

Dracula’s castle which has re-appeared after Richter Belmont has vanished. The objective is exploring Dracula’s castle to defeat Richter Belmont, who says he’s lord of Castle Dracula. Canonically, Richter was the hero of the events that took place in Castlevania: Rondo of Castlevania symphony of the night guide pdf. As the player uncovers more of the castle, a map is updated to show progress.

Relics found throughout the castle provide Alucard with abilities, such as the ability to double jump. Alucard may cast eight different spells, which requires the player to input directional combinations and will use up varying amounts of his magic points. The North American version of the game includes the Fairy, Demon, Ghost, Bat, and Sword familiars. Alternative modes of gameplay can be unlocked after the completion of the game. Richter, who uses a whip as his main weapon and various sub-weapons. Two alternative modes have Alucard as the player character with certain items and increased or decreased attributes. Maria Renard is also playable, by selecting her before starting a game in the Saturn version, or by inputting her name in the save file naming screen after beating the game with Alucard once in the PSP version.

Richter and is now searching for him, and the castle’s librarian, who sells items and equipment to Alucard. Periodically encountering Maria throughout the castle, Alucard also meets Richter, who claims to be the new lord of the castle and forces him to battle with two monsters. Alucard defeats the monsters, finds Maria again, and tells her about Richter. Upset, she leaves Alucard to confirm it for herself. Richter and gives him an item that allows him to see past illusions.