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He published the framework under the MIT license, and opened it up to the online community of developers. Woodworth founded the Cake Software Foundation to promote development related to CakePHP. 0 was released on May 2006. The community has since grown and spawned several sub-projects. In October 2009, project manager Woodworth and developer N. The remaining development team continued to focus on the original roadmap that was previously defined.

It was initially held as a bi-annual event in 2008. This page was last edited on 20 October 2017, at 09:59. As of November 2015, according to one survey, Prototype is used by 2. The Prototype framework is not to be confused with this language feature. For a ‘text’ input, the function will return the data contained in the element. For a ‘select’ input element, the function will return the currently selected value. It returns all matching elements, following the same rules as a selector in a CSS stylesheet.