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All of the characters’ storylines intersect in the final scenes, an element that the writing staff would continue to use in later episodes. 21 and was negatively received by critics. As Jerry is sleeping on the plane he dreams of returning to his apartment only to find several FBI agents there interrogating Kramer, who apparently has ratted out Jerry. When Jerry protests that he had nothing to do with it, they reveal that the Russian was an undercover FBI agent. Jerry tries to flee only to be gunned down by the agents.

He finds his show is canceled due to bad weather, and George picks up Jerry at the airport. Jerry is initially amazed that George is perfectly willing, even anxious to drive Jerry home. When he informs George they cannot go back to his apartment because of the baby shower, George insists and Jerry discovers that George is wearing the red shirt and is just using the favor as a chance to encounter Leslie at the baby shower. Meanwhile, Kramer and the two Russians crash the shower to install cable television, start to eat all the food and get into a heated argument. When George and Jerry arrive, George’s plan proves unsuccessful, as he cannot muster the courage confront Leslie and instead awkwardly tries to curry her favor.

Jerry because he never called her back after a date. This unpleasant scene is the final straw and the guests leave hurriedly. On the way out of the bathroom the angry woman bumps Leslie and her dessert into George, adding a chocolate cake stain to the Bosco stain already on the shirt. Jerry changes his mind about the cable hook-up, but is still charged with a large amount of money.