Apple iphone 3 manual pdf

It says the pdf can be downloaded apple iphone 3 manual pdf I see no way to do this. I don’t know what BOX is but that could be the issue. Why make it different than everyone else on the Web?

I just bought my 6 plus an hour ago. I can’t download the manual. I need a manual copy. Everything else is great, what is the problem with putting a simple pdf manual on your website for people who need a hard copy document?

Just got a new 6S. HAVE TO PUT IT ON SPEAKER TO HEAR ANYONE! CAN’T FIND WHERE TO ADJUST SPEAKER VOLUME! I faced same problem, after the film is removed I am able to hear properly. Won’t download for me either.

Do you need BOX installed to download? I’m setting up my iphone 6 and am unable to get away from Apple’s idea that everyone uses the US date system. How do I change this? That’s all I can say. How do I get a listing of appointments on my calendar?