Ages of english literature pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and ages of english literature pdf. 19th and early 20th centuries the focus was on the Germanic and pagan roots that scholars thought they could detect in Old English literature. Later, on account of the work of Bernard F. Latin, however the Insular minuscule continued to be used for Old English texts.

Thereafter, it was increasingly influenced by Caroline minuscule, while retaining certain distinctively Insular letter-forms. British Library Cotton Vitellius A. Mercian or Northumbrian dialect, leading to the speculation that much of the poetry may have been translated into West Saxon at a later date. Stowe and British Museum collections, which outline grants of land in Kent and Mercia, but are nonetheless written in the West Saxon dialect of the period. These include corrections, alterations and expansions of the main text, as well as commentary upon it, and even unrelated texts. The majority of these annotations appear to date to the 13th century and later.

Almost all Old English poets are anonymous. Old English verse are understood only through modern analysis of the extant texts. C├Ždmon is considered the first Old English poet whose work still survives. Father of glory, started every wonder. The holy Maker, for the sons of men. Almighty God and everlasting Lord.