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The marriage was stormy due to his father’s heavy drinking, gambling, and abuse. A mind set free jimmy evans pdf and the Epps family. There, Harry began piano lessons somewhere between age 5 and 7 with local teacher Helen Leland.

Even though Bill was thought to be too young to receive lessons, he soon began to play what he had heard during his brother’s class. Soon both brothers were taking piano lessons. Evans remembered Leland with affection for not insisting on a heavy technical approach, with scales and arpeggios. He would soon develop a fluid sight-reading ability, though his teacher rated his brother as a better pianist. Even though he soon dropped those instruments, it is believed they later influenced his keyboard style.

Harry was already playing the trumpet. Another important influence was bassist George Platt, who introduced Evans to the harmonic principles of music. I put in a little “ping! To make music that wasn’t indicated. That really got me into starting to want to think about how to make the music.

You were certainly my biggest inspiration in college, and the seeds of the insights that you have sown, have in practice borne fruit many times over. He studied classical piano interpretation with Louis P. Kohnop, John Venettozzi, and Ronald Stetzel. A key part in Evans’ development was Gretchen Magee, whose methods of teaching left an important print in his composition style. Soon, Bill would compose his first tune.