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Western culture and in India. The face of Taurus “gleams with seven rays of fire. Julian the Chaldean prophesied concerning the god of the seven rays. The snake was shown with a lion’21 days to master affirmations pdf head, from which emanated either twelve or seven rays.

Greek vowels engraved at the tips of the seven rays. The reverse sides of the talismans were engraved with a snake twisting around a vertical rod. In early Christian iconography, the dove of the Holy Ghost is often shown with an emanation of seven rays, as is the image of the Madonna, often in conjunction with a dove or doves. Christ over the apostles Peter, James and John. In the present day Byzantine-style St. The inscription reads: “Radiating from this symbol are seven rays of light representing the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.

In the dream that led him to this location, he was guided by “the seven rays of light surrounding the head of the crucified Redeemer. Only the seven rays are so treated, and while all of the other light sources in the painting cast shadows, the seven rays do not. They wore on their breasts a star with seven rays. The seven-armed Agni with his wife. In Hindu art, Agni is depicted with two or seven hands, two heads, and three legs.

In each head, he has seven fiery tongues with which he licks sacrificial butter. He rides a ram or a chariot harnessed by fiery horses. His attributes are an axe, a torch, prayer beads and a flaming spear. Agni is represented as red and two-faced, suggesting both his destructive and his beneficent qualities, and with black eyes and hair.

Seven rays of light emanate from his body. Thought-principle” and wrote that “the seven brilliant horses of the sun and their full union constitutes the seven-headed Thought of Ayasya by which the lost sun of Truth is recovered. That thought is again established in the seven rivers, the seven principles of being divine and human, the totality of which founds the perfect spiritual existence. 1881 of what he described as connections between Vedic scripture, ancient Egyptian mythology and the Gospel stories. Seven-rayed Sun-God of the Gnostic-stones” was also the “Serpent Chnubis,” and “the Second Beast in the Book of Revelation.