150 in one electronic project kit manual pdf

WAGNER PROJECTPRO 119 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. The operating instructions state that the following points must always be observed before starting up: 1. Faulty units must not be used. Secure 150 in one electronic project kit manual pdf spray gun using the safety catch on the trigger.

Ensure that the unit is properly earthed. The connection must take place through a correctly earthed two-pole and earth socket outlet. For reasons of function, safety and durability use Caution! Danger of injury through injection! Never point the spray gun at yourself, other persons or animals. Never use the spray gun without spray jet safety guard. PP119 – Safety Information Cleaning units with solvents A minimum distance of 5 m between the unit and spray gun is to be maintained.

Figure 2 – Unfolding the Cart container. Grab the pail bracket to lift up the sprayer. Lift the leg lock 2. PP119 Figure 11 – Spraying Technique is clean, material will come out in a straight, high pressure stream. The key to a good paint job is an even coating over the entire 4. Release the trigger and lock the gun off.

Reverse the tip so surface. PP119 Figure 16 – Cleaning the Spray Gun 2. Visually inspect the inside and outside of the inlet valve assembly. SPRAY knob is turned to PRIME. PP119 Figure 23 – Pump section replacement instructions Kit Part Number 0418716 Always wear protective eye wear while servicing the pump.

Be sure to follow the Pressure Relief Procedure when shutting the unit down for any purpose, including servicing or adjusting. After performing the Pressure Relief Procedure, be sure to unplug the unit before servicing or adjusting. Maintenance Problem Cause Solution A. The sprayer does not start. The sprayer is not plugged in. OFF switch is set to OFF.